Louisiana Land Surveyors License Requirements

Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro, McKissock will help you meet the necessary land surveyors educational requirements in Louisiana that you need to become licensed.

Learn what's required for your Land Surveyors License in Louisiana

This land surveyors licensing information summarizes the minimum requirements established by the Louisiana Professional Engineering & Land Surveying. We recommend you contact the Louisiana Professional Engineering & Land Surveying for more detailed information or changes.

Louisiana Land Surveyors: Professional Land Surveyor

16 Professional Development Hours (PDH) due biennially by March 31st and September 30th based upon initial licensure.
8 PDH must be taken each calendar year
Of the 8 hours required, (all may be online):
-1 hour must be related to professional ethics
-1 hour must be related to Standards of Practice for Boundary Surveys in Louisiana


No more than 8 PDHs can be earned in a calendar day

Governing Agency

Name: Louisiana Professional Engineering & Land Surveying
Phone: 2259256291
Fax: 2259256292
Address: 9643 Brookline Ave Ste.121 Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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Note: This license renewal information is provided as a convenience only and is subject to change at any time. It's ultimately the responsibility of the licensee to be sure that he or she is meeting all requirements for each license and corresponding renewal period.